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Infinite Technology Solutions started out in a garage, building computers for businesses of friends and family. The business has since grown and changed into the current version. It currently consults and provides it support for multiple small office/home offices and medical practices.

We are continuing the information technology growth cycle and would love to have everyone utilize our experience to enhance their IT potential to the fullest. We have partnered with companies such as Microsoft, IBM, Lenovo and others to continue to give the best possible results to our customers.

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What We Do

These are some of the benefits we offer:
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Small Business Solutions

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Medium Business Solutions

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Who We Are
Infinite Technology Solutions was started in 2009 by Joshua while serving in the United States Marine Corps. His goal was to provide professional services and hardware to small businesses and home networks in Southern California.

In 2019 Infinite Technology Solutions was incorporated and renamed to Infinite Technology Solutions, LLC. Infinite Technology Solutions, LLC. provides professional information technology services, consulting and hardware sales for existing and future clients.

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  • Worry free consultation
  • 4-hour response time
  • Secure e-mail server
  • 7-Day a week support



We won’t try to sell you on things you or your business doesn’t need.  If you didn’t ask for it, we won’t sell it to you.



We have various plans to take you into the cloud:

  • The Google G-Suite
  • Microsoft 365



Cyber security is always on everyone’s mind.  Let us ease your stress and assess your security stance to ensure you mitigate the risks you can.

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Highly Qualified Team

Infinite Technology Solutions LLC

Joshua Guille

Co-Founder, Owner

Joshua is the founder of Infinite Technology Solutions. This small business was a hobby to help his friends out while he was in the Marine Corps and make a little bit of gas money on the side.  While still active and deployed to Afghanistan, Joshua built and maintained a network to support over 20,000 personnel.  He utilized VMWare and various Microsoft technologies such as: Windows Server, Windows XP and 7, and Exchange 2010 and 2012 as well as Share Point.  He also used a multitude of Cisco equipment to ensure that the network up-time was maintained at peak performance for the area of operations.  After separating from the military he continued his love for technology and pursued a career in system administration.  Working in the civilian sector made hefty advances to Joshua’s knowledge of different technological platforms.  He was able to work with Microsoft Hyper-V and gain traction as an infrastructure design architect.

Cloud and system administration is one of his biggest focuses and keeping up with the newest technology is fun and exciting, since it is ever changing.  Some of the featured technologies that are the focus of his ongoing education is Ubiquiti networking equipment and the Microsoft Azure platform.  Amazon Web Services will play a part in the education for cloud administration to ensure all avenues are covered and everyone is well maintained.

*Currently Joshua runs a MacBook Pro at home with a Raspberry Pi for his son’s test computer.  Both of his sons are self-taught in Python and are currently learning Microsoft PowerShell scripting and Bash Scripting.

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Lindsay Guille

Co-Founder, Financial Director

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Nico Popescu

Creative Director, Technical Lead (Web Development)

Nico started his technology path when he was still in Junior High and got his first computer with his 2400 Baud Hayes modem and later started hosting a BBS (Bulletin Board) on Spitfire and Wildcat!

Early on in his career he worked as an Information Tech in Aerospace Manufacturing, Commercial Real Estate and Consulting for various content providers in Los Angeles.  He enjoyed the tech journey, to have worked on platforms such as SunOS, ScoUnix, to Windows NT and now Windows Servers as well as Debian/Ubuntu among others.  Software and ERP/MRP systems like JobBoss, SFDC and Microsoft Dynamics and applications from Catia, Unigraphics, SolidWorks to Office 365, and Healthcare Software.

Nico’s recent focus is on ITSM as well as ITIL to focus on client needs, best practices, and mostly what will benefit the company.  Keeping his skills up to date he continues his work through projects or volunteering for non-profits that involves work with, Google Cloud, Amazon Web Services and Azure – or smaller business needs in Web Development, Design or SEO using WordPress, Drupal or DN.

He enjoys photography, graphic design and mostly spending time with family

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